Food - memoir of David Roberts

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C-Rations. Who can forget such culinary delights? The New Zealand Army in it's sensitivity and care for it's troops and not to mention it's miserliness, no doubt called logistical problems, decided to ration us through the USA system without even a supplementation from NZ sources. NZ had a good 24-hour ration pack but these were not for us, we were required to dine off the American C-Ration.

The C-Ration was well presented and packaged. The individual meals sounded quite good, after all who could not start to drool at such names as: Boned Turkey, Ham & Lima Beans, Chicken Casserole, Boned Ham Slices, Pork Slices, Spaghetti and Meat Balls (canned), and Cheese - A Guaranteed Non-Dairy Product. All promised so much and tasted so bland to palates more used to Corned beef, Irish stew, Beef stew and potatoes.


Extract from unpublished memoir of David Roberts (1937-2005)

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