Sir Bernard Fergusson visits 2NZATTV at Dong Ba Thin, 1972

Lord Ballantrae, Brigadier Sir Bernard Fergusson (Governor-General of New Zealand 1962-1967) meets members of the 2NZATTV at Dong Ba Thin, 9th October 1972.

On the far right almost out of shot is Lieutenant-General Sir Leonard Thornton, previously Chief of General Staff and Chief of Defence Staff. At the time he was New Zealand's Ambassador to South Vietnam.

Some of the soldier's in the photograph have been identified. See comments below for details.


Image courtesy Nigel Brown

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Soldier to left back of Fergusson, no hat and looking left, is Sgt Mike Morrison RNZIR, previously wounded with Whiskey 3 Company in 1970.

I would say that the photo is when he visited 2NZATTV NOT 1st Services Med Team. The soldier with no hat is indeed Mike Morrison. The soldier on the very left looks like the late Barry Pepper. The one on the right with the black beret and his face averted looks like the late Eric Beaumont.

To the right of the Governor General - from the left the three New Zealanders are Captain Barry Pepper, 2Lt Terry McConnell and Major John Daniell, the first commander of 2NZATTV.  

The officer in the shade at the rear, on the Governor General’s immediate left, was the Dong Ba Thin unit commander Lieutenant Colonel Downen, Special Forces, US Army.  The unit, of which 2 NZATTV was a part, was a component of US Army’s ITG (Individual Training Group) based in Saigon.