Andy Mokaraka and Lester Anderson at Tribute 08

Andy Mokaraka and Lester Anderson at Tribute '08, some 37 years after they first met in Vietnam.

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Image courtesy Andy Mokaraka

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Unbeknown to me, Lester Anderson had photos of him & I taken at the 1st Field Hospital, with the thought in mind that maybe this soldier will survive his injuries and one day I may be able to meet up with him at a later stage, and wag the chin over a little bit of history.
Over the years he tried to make contact to see if in fact I had survived, but his efforts to track me down were unsuccessful. So with Tribute 08 on the calender both he and a friend from the medical corp, along with their wives, came to NZ to find me, and so they did.
I am very honoured that Lester took the time and expense to track me down and present me with these photo's and many a long story with regard to my hospitalisation and recovery. There were quite a few days that I could not remember during that time and up until Tribute 08 I didn't even know who Lester Anderson was. Now I will never ever forget this true ANZAC Warrior Medic.