Unidentified airfield in Vietnam, circa 1971-1973

Unidentified airfield in Vietnam, circa 1971-1973.

Can you identify this airfield? Please post a comment below if you can help.


Image courtesy Chris Brownie

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Hello Chris, I have been studying the coast of Vietnam for other reasons...but have a few questions for you. Do you know if the photograph is north or south of Qui Nhon? Roughly what year was the photo taken e.g. 1972? Is this one of your own photographs, if so what photos come ahead and behind this one in the series? For example, I have shots of Vietnam coastline immediately followed by landing strip at Qui Nhon, proceeded by shots at Saigon.

There was an 'outpost' airstrip that 41 Squadron used (infrequently), it is not too far north of Qui Nhon near the coastline called 'English'.

Google Earth is useful but the piece of coastline that you have is very small...good luck.