The Dustbowl at Nui Dat - 1RNZIR Band Tour, 1969

28 October 1969: 1RNZIR RSM Brighouse acts as guest conductor during the band's first performance at the 'Dust Bowl' (Luscombe Bowl), Nui Dat. Watch a photo slideshow of the 1RNZIR Band tour here.

Instruments had been well organised ahead of the first concert, due to be held in the well-named "Dust Bowl" at 11am...Regimental Sergeant Majors (RSMs) of the Australian and New Zealand Battalion were given the opportunity to conduct the Regimental Marches of their respective battalions. This was much appreciated by the soldiery.

Major Jim Carson (1934-2008), 1RNZIR Bandmaster

Image courtesy Jim Carson

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