Use the Vietnam List to search for New Zealanders who served in the Republic of Vietnam 1963–1975. The Vietnam List is an updated version of New Zealand's original Vietnam nominal roll – the Flinkenberg List – compiled by Captain Con Flinkenberg in 1972.

Name, rank and unit information are from New Zealand military pay records.

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Name First name(s) Ranksort descending Service No.
Hawker Gordon Rex WO2 644179 more details
Stuart Allan William WO2 920499 more details
Spence Noel George WO2 31652 more details
Goldsworthy George Edward WO2 592872 more details
Shuker Leo George WO2 35067 more details
Tomlin Garry George WO2 353387 more details
Hemana Lawrence Raureti WO2 34474 more details
Lichtwark Bryan Noel WO2 37557 more details
Watts Maurice WO2 208550 more details
Tomlins Mackibbon Pohe WO2 33409 more details
Rangiuia Matu WO2 552813 more details
Fisher Neville Myddleton WO2 36118 more details
Withers Robert Percy WO2 896027 more details
Lile Edmund Crichton WO2 331103 more details
Nixey Alan Desmond WO2 327395 more details
Kearney William Arthur WO2 37261 more details
Ring Charles Peter WO2 214696 more details
Nabbs Malcolm Charles WO2 457585 more details
Dorset David Ernie WO2 36720 more details
Thomas Allan Wesley WO2 35330 more details
Howard Charles WO2 300307 more details
Hyndman Henry James WO2 802642 more details