Use the Vietnam List to search for New Zealanders who served in the Republic of Vietnam 1963–1975. The Vietnam List is an updated version of New Zealand's original Vietnam nominal roll – the Flinkenberg List – compiled by Captain Con Flinkenberg in 1972.

Name, rank and unit information are from New Zealand military pay records.

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Name First name(s) Ranksort descending Service No.
McKenzie Richard Francis WO2 914216 more details
Mackintosh Douglas Ian WO2 821430 more details
Hemana Lawrence Raureti WO2 34474 more details
Stollery Keith Acton WO2 32133 more details
Taylor Edwin Clarence WO2 457209 more details
Ring Charles Peter WO2 214696 more details
Tait Mitchell Arthur WO2 327608 more details
Carmichael Graeme John WO2 39057 more details
Wilson Daniel Wilfred WO2 300691 more details
Taylor Lawrence Melville WO2 32135 more details
Muir Richard Calvert WO2 214804 more details
Carnachan John Scott WO2 938216 more details
Robinson Leonard Rex WO2 37673 more details
Faulkner David William WO2 36832 more details
Pickworth Kevin Charles WO2 814454 more details
Piercy James WO2 34883 more details
Weir Archibald WO2 36468 more details
Kearney William Arthur WO2 37261 more details
Pepper Richard Lindsay WO2 33363 more details
Crafts Brian Lewis WO2 37066 more details
Fisher Neville Myddleton WO2 36118 more details
Clarke Henry Harry WO2 463364 more details