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First Name: Patrick
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Ex 161 Battery SVN 1966/67 and 1970/71. Retired from the army in 1987 after completing 25 years service. Moved into education with Academy New Zealand in 1987. Worked there for 9 years as Registrar before taking on the role of Secretary/manager of the Christchurch RSA. Then was accepted back into the Academy again as Registrar and have been back there coming on 6 years now. I have written 2 books, one still to be published about my tours in Vietnam and the second which has been published is about early Canterbury History and one man in particular namely Allan McLean 1822 to 1907 entitled Allan McLean, The Man, The Myths and the Mansion. Still married to Elly (40 years) kids all grown up, 4 grandchildern who I adore.

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