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First Name: Dave
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I'm married to a beautiful lady named Karen, we've been married for 11 years. (My first marriage after 23 years, went the way of most other vets? pear shape.) together we have 7 children, and 15 G/children, with another one on the way. I am retired and fill in my time as voluntary Hospital Chaplain two days aweek. We live in Levin, New Zealand. Some of my interests are fishing, gardening, reading, and messing out back in my garage. I'm an ex-Vietnam Veteran, having served in Vietnam with Victor 4, 6RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion from 1969-1970. Im a born again Hebrew believer in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour(Messianic Believer). My wife also is a believer in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. We attend a local family church here in Levin. We also travel around quite a lot sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ at various meetings. We also minister the love of Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit to those who ask. Our faith in Jesus Christ has opened many doors for me and my wife to share, and we are availble to speak at most places. We travelled back to Vietnam in 2005 and spent a week in Saigon, now Ho Chi Min City. I expected to see a lot of change; it had been 38 years since I'd been there. What a let down, outside of a few new buildings, it was basically the same as when I left in 1970. We did visit one area tho which I hadn't seen before, that was a day sight seeing trip on the Mekong River. In the process of doing this, we had occasion to travel up one of the small tributaries. Undergrowth folding down over the river. Very quiet; very thick; reminded of 40 years ago. never mind, I can take it. meanwhile the stream gets narrower, with more growth hanging over the stream really shading it. We reach our destination up stream. Our Host says,"We have to cross over the island now to the other side". No one told me about this. About half way accross, I was back 40 years; tail end charlie. My wife Karen looks back and see's me. "Are you ok?" she ask's. "Yeah, I'm fine", I says. "Are you sure" she says. My reply was "No I'm not" We prayed together to our G-d. Karen then told me that G-d wants you to take new memories home with you, not the old ones. The rest of the time in country; not a problem. And new memories, sure did.

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