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New Zealand's Vietnam War

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New Zealand military personnel and civilian volunteers served in the jungles, skies, hospital wards, training camps, and offices of South Vietnam from 1963 to 1975.

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  • Alex is not buried in Western Australia...yes, that is where he died and was cremated at Fremantle WA, but his ashed are interned at at whanau urupa Toetoe Road, Otaika, Whangarei 

  • The mixture known as Agent Orange was designed by ICI UK around 1950 and used successfully in the Malayan Emergency for clearing roadsides and crop destruction. The USAF after testing many combinations at Elgin AFB Florida settled on this particular mixture. It is wrong to say a manufacturer "Made" Agent Orange as it is merely a mixture of two broadleaf weedkillers that have been sold over the counter since 1949. Dow NZ made 2,4,5T for the NZ market and used in large amounts by the gorse sprayers of Nth Canterbury and Marlborough. All the applicators were tested positive for Dioxin blood serum levels of around 30-60PPT which is high and the same levels as the Ranch Hand aircrew. After monitoring for several years both groups showed no significant health effects. No combat soldier from the Vietnam war has been found with blood serum levels above normal which is 3-6PPT. Mixing the two chemicals did not alter their molecular structure and turn them into a devils brew. I don't know if Dow NZ made 2,4D but I expect they did. Mixing is not manufacturing particularly if one of the components is made elsewhere.

    - Barron