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Books about New Zealand's experience

  • J. W. Ardagh, Report on tour of duty in South East Asia, New Zealand, c1966
  • Brian Avery, In the Anzac Spirit: the Fourth Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment/NZ (ANZAC) South Vietnam 1968 to 1969, Victoria, 2002
  • Brian Avery, We Too Were Anzacs: the Sixth Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment/NZ (ANZAC) South Vietnam 1969 to 1970, Victoria, 2004
  • Billy Barnz, The goat hunter, Christchurch, 2004
  • Bob Breen, First to fight: Australian diggers, N.Z. Kiwis and U.S.paratroopers in Vietnam, 1965-66, Sydney, Wellington, 1988
  • Gary R. Brooker, Two landyards in Vietnam, New Zealand, 1994
  • Betty May Browne, With Our Boys in Vietnam, Blenheim, 1996
  • Shane Harold Capon, A symbolic presence?: New Zealand's involvement in the combatant training of South Vietnamese and Cambodian troops, 1968-1972, Waikato, 1996
  • Deborah Challinor, Grey ghosts: New Zealand Vietnam vets talk about their war, Auckland, 1998
  • Deborah Challinor, Liz Lancaster, Who'll Stop the Rain: Agent Orange and the children of New Zealand's Vietnam veterans, Auckland, 2000
  • Leon Davidson, Red haze: Australians and New Zealanders in Vietnam, Melbourne, 2006
  • David Dickens, New Zealand and the Vietnam war: official policy advice to the government 1960-1972, Wellington, 1995
  • Pat Duggan, What have they done to the rain? A Kiwi Soldier's Memoir of Vietnam, Wellington, 2011
  • Rod Eder, Deep Jay: Chance and Fate versus Kiwi Soldiers in Vietnam, Tandem Press, Auckland, 1995 - a novel about the Vietnam War (e-book available here)
  • Jack A. Elder, The New Zealand Labour Party and the Vietnam War: traditions and policy until 1973, Auckland, 1973
  • N.E. Evans, J. P. Subritzky, L. Forde, Thomas T. Rangi, The Vietnam scrapbook: the second ANZAC adventure, Papakura, 1995
  • Rupert Granville Glover, New Zealand in Vietnam: a study of the use of force in international law, Palmerston North, 1986
  • Robert Grandin, The Battle of Long Tan: as told by the commanders, New South Wales, 2005
  • Claire Hall, No Front Line: Inside Stories of New Zealand's Vietnam War, Auckland, 2014
  • Kim Hoskin, In Plain View: Borneo to Vietnam and thereafter, Waikanae, 2018
  • Health Committee Report, Inquiry into the exposure of New Zealand defence personnel to Agent Orange and other defoliant chemicals during the Vietnam War and any health effects of that exposure, and transcripts of evidence, New Zealand House of Representatives, Wellington, 2004
  • Alan Henderson, David Green and Peter Cooke, The Gunners: A History of New Zealand Artillery, Raupo, Auckland, 2008
  • Grant Winston Hooper, New Zealand and Indochina: aspects of involvement, Waikato, 1998
  • Tony Howell, Jungle Green Shadows, Waikanae, 2019
  • Tony Howell, Vietnam ANZACS: Australians and New Zealanders in the Vietnam War, Waikanae, 2021
  • Kevin Lyles, Vietnam ANZACs: Australian and New Zealand troops in Vietnam 1962-72, Oxford, 2004
  • Ian McGibbon, New Zealand's Vietnam War: A history of combat, commitment and controversy, Auckland, 2010
  • Ministry of Defence, The New Zealand Army in Vietnam 1964-1972: a report on the Chief of the General Staff's exercise, Wellington, 1973
  • James R. Murphy, The New Zealand Labour Party and Vietnam: 1963 to 1972, Canterbury, 1973
  • Claire Loftus Nelson, Long time passing: New Zealand memories of the Vietnam War, Wellington, 1990
  • New Zealand Reading Room, New Zealand in the Viet Nam war, Canterbury, 1990
  • NZ Army Public Relations, Brief history of the New Zealand Army in South Vietnam, 1964-1972, Wellington, 1972
  • Roberto Rabel, New Zealand and the Vietnam War: politics and diplomacy, Auckland, 2005
  • James Rock, Kiwis under fire: the New Zealand armed forces in Vietnam c.1965-72, Auckland, 1995
  • Colin P. Sisson, Wounded warriors: the true story of a soldier in the Vietnam War and of the emotional wounds inflicted, Auckland, 1993
  • Colin Smith, The killing zone: New Zealand infantry in Vietnam, 1967 to 1971, Auckland, 1994
  • Gordon L. Steinbrook, Allies and mates: an American soldier with the Australians and New Zealanders in Vietnam, 1966-67, Lincoln, Nebraska, c1995
  • Louise Joy Thompson, Vietnam albums: experiencing and remembering war in photographs, Auckland, 2003
  • Nick Welch, A History of the Sixth Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment, 1965-1985, Queensland, 1986
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