Who will stop the pain? - Poem

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In memory of all Vietnam Vets who have since died, including Pat Hauwai, whose death is the first to be documented as being the result of Agent Orange exposure. To those of us who are left and whose children are affected - Kia Kaha Kia Toa

I am an old soldier I fought in Vietnam
We patrolled the jungles seeking those who would do harm
Yes we hit the enemy but we didn’t always win
Some were wounded some were killed
And I still feel the pain

While we were patrolling planes flew all around
Clouds of mist and vapour came falling to the ground
What it was we didn’t know and they didn’t say?
Now we get rashes we get cancer
And I still feel the pain

They call it Agent Orange a poison to kill the trees
I have it now inside of me my children got it free
Their blood it don’t mix too well some bones are just not there
Now they wonder and they suffer
Who will stop their pain?

I know my days are numbered but not sure when it will be
Many have gone before me while others are still free
My mind it now wanders its ugly head it reign’s
I still wonder yes I wonder
Who will stop the pain?


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