John Niwa's gun crew

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John Niwa's gun crew

John Niwa (far right) and his gun crew at Nui Dat, circa 1970.

Do you recognise anyone else in the photo? Please leave a comment below if you can help.


Image courtesy Mike Subritzky


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Gnr Lowry - 44400 - I sent this note to our son:
'I found this pic on the VV site - I am going to contact the person who posted it because I'm pretty sure that is Gint, sitting under the Kiwi - the caption says - 1967 or 1970 - Gint was there in 1970 - part of the last contingent to come back. I would recognise the lady on his left shoulder anywhere. Done while he was over there - with bamboo - she had a knife in her cheek'

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