Members of Victor 3 Company aboard helicopter, circa 1969

Members of Victor 3 Company pose for a photograph aboard an Iroquois helicopter at Kangaroo Pad or Eagle Farm helipad at Nui Dat, circa 1969.

Left to right: Sgt John Sandford (1 Platoon); Cpl Les Burberry (Company HQ); unknown crewman; Pte Clive Wiltshire (1 Platoon); Cpl Bill Perry (2 Platoon).

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Image courtesy Noel Bell

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The guy on the right looks like Bill Perry (Cpl William Perry). He's left-handed hence the field dressing on the left of the butt, and the bulging map pocket. He carried enough M60 ammo to resupply a tank. Forty years has dulled my memory but it sure looks like Bill!

Rob Dil

Sorry Rob, Bill Perry was 2 Platoon....It is 1 platoon V3 .....the Maori is Cpl "Scoobie" Noble. Only officers, NCOs and sigs carried M16s in V3.

The guy sitting in the centre with dark hair looking down looks like Les Burberry, Sigs?? It has been awhile though. Gary Shields

Comment from Bruce Isbister: "From left is Sgt John Sandford, probably Cpl Les Burberry, unknown crewman, Pte Clive Wiltshire (obscured), Cpl Bill Perry.
This is a staged photo. Sandy is not wearing webbing and has no magazine in his M16. There is no way that V3 soldiers took magazines off weapons or wore no webbing when leaving the bush. Also, the guys in the photo are from different platoons - Sandford (1 Pl), Burberry (Coy HQ), Wiltshire (1 Pl), Perry (2 Pl). Sgt Sandford would not leave his troops and have a mixed bag of others on operation. The shot was more likely to have be taken at Kangaroo Pad or Eagle Farm (4RAR chopper pad) at Nui Dat."