Note from Peter Scott to RNZAF crew

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Note from Peter Scott to RNZAF crew, April 1975

Thank you note given to the crew of RNZAF Bristol Freighter NZ5903 by Peter Scott during his family's evacuation from Saigon in April 1975. Scott had been working as a tugboat skipper for an American company in South Vietnam. Relieved to get his family safely out of Saigon before the city fell to North Vietnamese forces, he handed the note above to the aircraft's captain, Denis Monti.

We evacuated Peter and his family to Singapore. From there they boarded a RNZAF C130 for the flight to New Zealand...He was a tugboat skipper and had some scary tales to tell. During flight he drafted the note and handed it to me.

Denis Monti

Denis Monti

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