Soldier aboard helicopter - SAS 'hot extraction'

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An Australian SAS trooper expresses his relief after being pulled from the jungle

An Australian SAS trooper, possibly Sergeant Ray Swallow, expresses his relief at being uplifted safely from the jungle.

Watch a photo slideshow of the hot extraction here.


Image courtesy Brian Senn


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I might be able to identify the SAS men in this photo. Can you put me in touch with Brian Senn. If we get the date of this Hot extraction then I can tell you who the men were. They could be Australian SAS.

Wayne Holah
NZSAS Association Historian

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From Graham Brammer: "I was a Patrol Commander with the 2nd SAS Squadron in Vietnam 1971 and did a patrol insertion from a Fire Support Base on 15 April 1971. We tagged onto Victor company and dropped off their line of march at some point to do our task. I was looking through your photo gallery to find the name of the FSB and saw the subject photograph. I believe the "Happy Looking Chap" is Sergeant Ray Swallow and I did not find the name of the FSB."

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