Tommy Murray

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Pte Tommy Murray, W Company

Pte Tommy Murray, OCs Batman, W Company.


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Submitted by PAT NUKU on Saturday, 25 January 2014 - 5:57pm


After our time in Vietnam some of us returned to Terendak Camp, just north of Malaka in Malaysia. Others had already spent a year in Terendak previous to our trip to Vietnam. Tommy was one who remained in Terendak. We spent the year as soldiers in training and of course during time off we certainly knew how to spend our time. Tommy was one of our group and never upset anyone at all during our time in Malaysia. Shortly before returning to NZ Tommy married a local girl. There was a problem that arose because of the amount of time and it meant that he returned to NZ alone and was meant to have her sent over to NZ once he had completed the neseccary requirements. Unfortunately Tommy was only back in NZ a matter of days when he was killed in a car accident as a pedestrian outside of the Bush Inn in Rolleston, Christchurch. I will add Tommy was not under the influence of alcohol as he had gone there to say goodbye to friends before heading home on leave. We lost a good soldier and a real good friend.

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