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First Name: Dennis
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I served with Victor 2. I am now 63 and in quite good health. I receive a disability pension of 160% and most of this is for PTSD and my inability to fit into society. Since I filled in the Oral History survey a remarkable change took place. I cried for about 5 seconds and when I finished I was no longer an alien in my own country. This was the foundation rejection and from then I had other episodes of release that have resulted in better health. I am presently a part of a choir, under the authority of a type of personality I could not have endured before this. I am starting a new hobby with my son, who has disabilities, of lapidary and bone carving. I am feeling comfortable in the Baptist church and no longer feel like killing the pastor. I go into society happier than I have been for 40 years. I still have problems but these are no longer being fed by the hurts and rejections of my past. I am on no medication. I do have problems with the medical system and doctors but am able to sit in the same room with them now. While trying not to be silly about the medical system I believe if I want to maintain my health I need to stay away from doctors until I have a terminal illness (Which I hope will be one that qualifies for $40,000). My future looks brighter than ever. My wife stuck by me through the bad years and we have a good marriage. Our oldest son will probably never leave us and will need some supervision after we die. We are searching possibilities for this and now have him back in the system so we can get help. He is doing well. Our other son is in Townsville, Australia with his partner and our only grandchild, Monet. It is sad that we will not get to see them because of the cost of travel but this was the decision they made and we must all live with it. I enjoyed Tribute 08 and I don't think it could have been better. The Government and the RSA apologies left me with mixed feelings but the one from the Defence Force moved me greatly and was very healing, also the drumhead ceremony. Like others I rose to my feet and applauded. One of the best memories was the fly-by by the Iroquois at the end. I still think of Tribute 08 with pleasure and especially meeting comrades I have not seen for 40 years. Love and kisses Dennis Griffin

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