New Zealand soldiers on parade

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New Zealand soldiers on parade in Vietnam, 1970

Brigadier W. Henderson, 1ATF Commander, inspects New Zealand soldiers of Whiskey 3 Company, 2RAR/NZ (Anzac) Battalion at the end of their tour in Vietnam. This photograph was taken at Nui Dat, November 1970.

Left to right: Brig W.G. Henderson, Pte D.R. Chambers, Cpl E.F. Mason, Pte. W.R. Hansen, Pte C.J. Fraser, Pte M. Tiro, Pte W.G. Ashford, LCpl P.P. Brown, LCpl A.E. Moran


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The photo was taken by the Australian Army PR staff and the original is part of the AWM collection. The parade was held 4 November 1970 outside Battalion HQ 2RAR/NZ (ANZAC) and it appears that soldiers not in dacron uniform were pushed into the rear platoon to hide them away. This group is a composite of several other platoons, as all other platoons were correctly dressed. The photo is also on the W3 Coy website along with several others from the parade, names are supplied there in a PDF download. Bruce Young - W3

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The name of the soldier shown as 'Unknown' (between Pte Tiro and LCpl Brown) is Pte W Ashford.

Hi craigcocker

I have reason to believe Bill Ashford was my birth father. I was adopted out in 1973. I see that he has passed away, but do you know much about him?



Jeremy Hoskin

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