B170 Freight Run Vietnam - Poem

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Chris Brownie was based at RAF Tengah in Singapore with 41 Squadron RNZAF, 1971-1973. During this time he completed several flights into Vietnam onboard B170 Bristol Freighters delivering mail and medical supplies.

40,000 vibrations clutch the cool air
this thin and bulbous target breathes the fear
flying clear of humidity and the oppressed state
for only the crew will share its fate

My face pressed against the glass
yet observing the surreal with each pass
as the reluctant surfer weaves a path
to descend into the dragons hearth

Embraced in more than mist and tears
and landscape bludgeoned by the years
of village life flattened above the ground
what purpose is this freight inbound

Long shadows chase the downhill run
alone and serene we are someones son
each urgent task seeking a safe retreat
a half way house refreshed and then repeat

Chris Brownie, 41 Squadron, 1971-73

Chris Brownie

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