Whiskey Company and Victor Company

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I have had a real problem for years in the naming of the first New Zealand rifle companies sent to Vietnam. These companies were originally known as Victor Company and Whiskey Company. They were never at any stage given a number by which to identify them. It is sad and wrong to see now that both companies have been given a ‘1' after their real name to ‘identify them'. There are many from both companies who feel angry and sad about this practice.

It has never ever been a problem for Victor 2 or Whiskey 3 or whoever to be indentified as such, but it will always be a problem for the two original companies to be have a ‘1' added to their title. This practice has become so frequent that it is as if it was so – I just want you to know that it was never so as far as I am concerned. I am sure also that if pre-1973 records were checked there would be no indication anywhere that both original companies had a ‘1' in their name.

A soldier of Whiskey Coy


Pat Nuku

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