Whisky Companies I, II & III - Poem

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The first poem is for the three Whisky Companies that served in Viet Nam, where we went and what we did. The first Whisky Company declare they were the only Whisky Company as the ones that followed had a digit after the Whisky either a 2 or a 3, I suppose they are right. I have always liked a whisky and 3 digits worth of it in a glass sounds fine to me.

From the May Taos to the Long Green
From the Song Rai to Long Son
That's where Whisky Company's been
That's where Whisky's men have gone
From Bin Ba and De Courtney too
From the Wolvies to the beach
That's where troops of Whisky flew
That's how long was Whisky's reach
From the Horseshoe to Le Loi
From the Toc Tiens up to Jill
That's where Whisky did deploy
That's where Whisky did its fill
But now all that has ended
And the ops are all no more
We leave the places we defended
And return to Singapore

Peter M. Anderson, W3 Coy, 1969-70

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