En route to FSB Discovery - 1RNZIR Band Tour

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Crewman scanning for enemy through 'spotter' hole - 1RNZIR Band Tour, 1969

28 October 1969: A crewman scans for enemy activity through a 'spotter' hole in the floor of the helicopter en route to Fire Support Base Discovery. Watch a photo slideshow of the 1RNZIR Band tour here.

Getting in and out of the Chinook was quite an exercise, as you had to run up or down the ramp at the back with the engines blasting heat and the helicopter ready to lift off at the slightest danger. They don't stay on the ground for long in dangerous territory. Several people have mentioned the hazard of third degree burns on entry or exit from the Chinook and Ian Levien and Tony Cowan were both pleasantly surprised they did not fall from the spotter's hole where they were squatting en route!

Major Jim Carson (1934-2008), 1RNZIR Bandmaster

Image courtesy Jim Carson

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