Malcolm Knox photographs

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Colour photograph of two men leaving a building

Black and white photograph of people, some in military and medical uniforms, standing next beds with patients lying in them. Three men reading books in a room filled with medical supplies. Colour photograph of a man in uniform drinking a beer smiling at a child holding a cigarette in their mouth. Colour photograph of twp men in uniform standing next to jeep vehicle on dirt road. Black and white photograph showing the twisted metal of a damaged bridge. Colour photograph of man in uniform walking inside a building surrounded by Vietnamese people. Colour photograph of three people in a rough field covered in burnt objects. Two are holding a stretcher.

Selection of photographs from the collection of Sgt Malcolm Knox, who served with the New Zealand Services Medical Team in 1970.

Main image: Leader of the Opposition, Norman Kirk, pictured with the commander of V Force (Lt Col Ken Fenton?) outside the New Zealand Services Medical Team mess hall, circa 1970.


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