Relaxing at the Badcoe Club

Submitted by Brian R. EDMONDS on Tuesday, 14 April 2009 - 2:48pm
Members of 161 Battery relaxing at the Badcoe Club in Vung Tau, circa 1968-1969

Members of 161 Battery relaxing at the Badcoe Club, circa 1968-1969. The Badcoe Club was an Australian recreation club on the beach in Vung Tau. It was named after Captain Peter Badcoe - an Australian who had won a posthumous VC while serving with the AATTV. Units from Nui Dat would be able to spend 48 hrs there from time to time. During the 1968/69 period I seem to remember the Battery was able to use it on occasions. The club itself boasted a large swimming pool, restaurant, clothing shop etc.

With his hand on his head is Captain Tom Roche, a popular young officer. Can you identify anyone else in the photo? Please post a comment below if you can help.


Image courtesy Brian Edmonds

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