Treating a wounded VC

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Corporal TG Gordon treats a wounded VC after a contact, circa 1969

V4 contact

The aftermath of a contact between Victor 4 Company and VC forces, circa 1969.

Corporal T.G. Gordon treats a critically wounded VC, while radio operater Private R.H. Martin (rear left) requests a 'dustoff' extraction. The wounded man had been one of three VC found hiding in a stream following the skirmish. He had suffered a serious leg wound to his femoral artery and required urgent hospital treatment. After calling in a 'dustoff' the New Zealanders carried the wounded man to a jungle clearing where he was evacuated by helicopter. Unfortunately, the wound proved fatal and the wounded VC died en route to hospital.

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The Vietnamese interpreter is Sergeant Hung. We didn't know a lot about him, however, I recall that he was a North Vietnamese Catholic who came south in the 1950's. He was virulently anti-communist. He would sell items of American uniform that he picked up while visiting his family in Saigon - I've still got a hammock. I didn't worry about the price, I liked the guy and the money was going to his family. It would be nice to know what happened to him and his family - I think that a lot of vets from V3 would be happy to meet him again and welcome him and his family into our family.

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