Blue Thunderbird 7 of US 118th Aviation Company, Air Mobile Light, circa 1965

Bell UH-1 Iroquois 'Huey' helicopter, Blue Thunderbird 7 (aka 'Suzy Q') of the US 118th Aviation Company, Air Mobile Light operating in Vietnam, circa 1965.

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Image courtesy Melanie Semb

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This is Blue Thunderbird 7 (SUZY-Q) (B Model) of the 2nd Platoon (Choppers), 118th Aviation Company (Air Mobile Light) stationed at Bien Hoa. It was taken Aug or Sept 65. I'm the Crew Chief under the Helmet. We always enjoyed working with our brothers from "Down under". It was an honor and a privilege to work with such fine men! Pat Matheny

Thanks you so much for the additional information. How interesting that you are in one of my dads photos! I only have a few photos of Dads time in Vietnam, we had a house fire in 2004 and many of his photos and slides were destroyed. The ones that we did salvage are quite damaged, with the captions almost unreadable. Dad took hundreds of photos while over there and they always had detailed captions. My fathers name was John Semb, he was a Gunner with 161 Bty during 1965-66. He passed away in 1985. I cant wait to tell my mum about this!