1st Australian Field Hospital - Chris Stock W3

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Slideshow of photographs taken by Chris Stock at the 1st Australian Field Hospital, circa 1969-1970. 


This is the hospital.

[Picture of exterior of hospital grounds] I was down the one time as a patient. I think I'd got drunk one day in Vung Tau and I must had relations with a young lady who had the dreaded clap [Gonorrhoea]. Either that or I caught it when I was on leave in Singapore, and of course I waited and waited and waited until it was too late and I had to go to hospital and get it fixed up.

[Picture of Chris Stock in hospital bed] Yours faithfully…enjoying the rest.

[Picture of music concert] These were shots of a concert down there that they put on. I think that's mostly Aussies in there. There's a few kiwis – not many.

[Picture of sailor in uniform] Now we're at the 1st hospital now. One of the Aussie sailors going home, he's leaving... bye bye boy! Have a good trip back to your ship.

[Picture of Australian nurse] There's one of the sisters, mostly Australian sisters.

[Pictures of wounded soldier] Here's Chris Kennedy [W3 Company]. Wounded, I think shrapnel mostly. He came in while I was there with my operations going.

Chris Kennedy's back wounds.

Couple of Aussie nurses.

Another nice Australian nurse.

[Picture of inside hospital ward] That's just a picture of the ward down there, or one of the wards down there. It's quite extensive.

Isabel Beaumont, she's our Red Cross girl, as I said before, she was well thought of.

[Picture of patients being loaded into medical transport] RAAF stuff going out to the airport taking those guys home.  


Words and images: Chris Stock
Interviewing and production: Anaru Dalziel
Soundtrack: Jason McClelland (Loudhaler)

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