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Poem by Richard Hamon, Whiskey 2 Company 1RNZIR, 1968-1969.

Anzac is the day we all remember, when the troops
Of Australia and New Zealand came together
To fight the war of all wars that was suppose to end
The misery and hatred among nations and men

But we haven’t learnt the lessons of this Great War
For the past eighty years we have fought more and more
From that Great War right up till today
With the Spirit of Anzac for peace we have prayed

But alas we have answered many calls with our Brothers in Arms
World War Two, Korea Borneo Malaya and Vietnam
At every call the Spirit of Anzac was kept alive with pride
We did fight gallantly against hardened enemies side by side

That Spirit lives on as our young men and women still fight
On distant battle fields for the right
While in fields afar the poppies still bloom
As our gardens of stone fill with gloom

So you see Anzac means more than just the first Great War
When we commemorate those who live no more
Let us remember all who have served
And without regret their faithful service Lest We Forget


© Richard William Hamon. Not to be published or reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder.


Submitted by dennislinda on Tuesday, 27 September 2011 - 5:12pm


Richard; I agree. I read this year (2011) the book, The Great Wrong War. It is the history of NZ involvement in WWI and it opened my eyes to many things. I always wondered why the emphasis always was on WWI on Anzac day. I understand this is because the loss of life was so horrific and such a badly handled fight that the NZ psyche could not handle it and so it was glorified and the soldiers made into heroes.
I was amused this year to hear all those involved in Gallipoli referred to as heroes. I doubt they would think of themselves that way but more as men who were in a position they did not choose or volunteer for, doing the best they could.
Dennis Griffin, Victor 2

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