Recognition – Poem

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Poem written by Lynne Hawkins in memory of her late husband, Laurie Hawkins (ex-1 ALSG). Lynne left a copy of this poem at 'The Wall' during a trip to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Washington DC, 14 May 1997. 

The war has long been over
But still the soldiers fall
In Washington they are remembered
With their names upon "The Wall"

Unless you fell during battle
New Zealand doesn't give a damn
But for a word on a gravestone
That says you fought in Vietnam

Not landmine, grenade nor bullet
Could permanently close your eyes
It was the silent stealth of "The Agent"
That attacked from out of the skies

You left me behind when we parted
At least you saw your sons grown
You died in my arms as I held you
Now the lord has taken you home

You cannot go down as a casualty
In battle you did not fall
So I brought your memory to Washington
To lay you to rest at "The Wall"

Written by Lynne Hawkins for Laurie

Lynne Hawkins

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