Whiskey Company - Poem

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Pat Nuku served with Whiskey Company in Vietnam, 1967-1968. The following poem is about the discrepancy surrounding the titles of the first New Zealand infantry companies deployed to Vietnam.

When we went to Vietnam
We went as Whiskey Company
And on our return from Vietnam
We were still Whiskey Company

Our replacement company in Vietnam
Were now called Whiskey Two Company
And when they came home from Vietnam
They were still called Whiskey Two Company

Replacement companies to Vietnam
“W” Three Four and Five Companies
On their return home from Vietnam
Were Whiskey 3, 4 5 Companies

At some stage much, much later on
OUR company was “given” a One
Who that was that made the change
Must have been having some fun...

We went away to Vietnam
In ’67 as Whiskey Company
There was no “ONE” in Vietnam
NZ or where ever you may've been

So get it right those of you
We were Whiskey Company
Was the “1” given to our “W” Company

Pat Nuku

Pat Nuku

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