Why The Scream Lingers - Poem

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John 'Doc' Mountain served as a medic with Victor 5 Company in Vietnam, 1970-71.

After 40 years the scream still lingers
and I can not stop it with my fingers
I cry and try to blot out their faces
accusing eyes from so many places

As an Army Medic I failed to deliver a Duty of Care
to those now gone and to some who still wither
On the cross of dismissal and nails of deceit
a lingering despair I struggle to defeat

Too many slow deaths from deliberate neglect
whilst those in charge pontificate on bedecked
Dripping gongs for services so inadequately rendered
whilst those in need are ignored as intended

John 'Doc' Mountain, Victor 5 Company, 1970-71

Listen to Doc Mountain talk about infantry operations in Vietnam here.


John 'Doc' Mountain

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