2 Platoon, V1 Company, 1967

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2 Platoon, V1 Company, 1967

2 Platoon, V1 Company, Terendak Garrison, Malaysia, 1967.

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2 Platoon, V1 Company

Back row (L to R): Pte I.R. Paipa, Pte C. Watkins, Pte W.A. Hodgson, Pte A.S. Hodgson, Pte J.D. Hunt, Pte E.B. Hunter, Pte T.B. Furlong, Pte R.J. Easton, Pte E. Barber.

Second row (L to R): Pte T. Te Tau, Pte S. Williams, Pte W.T. Harris, Pte K.Mc.G.P. Wills, Pte D.J. Charteris, Pte P.J. Heke, Pte R.I. Jones, Pte W.E.M. Cornes, Pte D.A. Bell.

Third row (L to R): Pte D.C. Lagah, Pte R.J. Vendetti, Pte B.L. Ellis, Pte P.M. Berghan, Pte J.P. Jennings, Pte I. Aramoana, Pte J. Tai, Pte J.S. Cunningham, Pte R.G. White.

Front row (L to R): Pte W.T. Forrester, Pte C.S. Brown, Cpl R.Te.R. Kingi, Cpl R.Wilson, Sgt J.J. Cootes, Cpl W. Pihema, LCpl W.D. Hancox, LCpl F.C. McKenzie, Pte D.P. Merito.


Image courtesy Bill Hancox

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