2NZATTV departure from SVN - 19 Dec 72

The group photo was taken at an otherwise empty Cam Ranh Bay airfield on 19 December 1972 when 2NZATTV was withdrawn. The team had been part of the Dong Ba Thin UITG/FANK Training Battalion comprised of US Special Forces officers & NCOs and their Montagnard security company, with the job of training conscript Cambodian infantry battalions airlifted in from Phnom Penh. 

LtoR - back row. Capt Johnson (US Army), Capt MR Wicksteed RNZA, Lt Col Downen (US Army - CO), Maj PJ Skogstad RNZE, Nuy (Montagnard), Sgt R Keno RNZIR, Sgt MA Cunningham RNZIR, SM Mertzig (US Army), Sgt R Taylor RNZAMC, Sgt FC Nathan RNZIR, Lt GH Bransby RNZA, Capt Huggins (US Army), Lt PN Fitgerald RNZIR and WO2 KW Merito RNZIR.

LtoR - front row. 'Charlie' (Montagnard), SSgt RM Cameron RNZAMC, Sgt RG Hughes RNZIR, 2Lt SD Hopkins RNZIR, Sgt HTP Naera RNZAC, SSgt R Elvy RNZAF, Sgt MT Dance RNZIR and LMA WS Clark RNZN.


JSPRO Singapore photo

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