New Zealand's Vietnam War Veterans

Use the Vietnam List to search for New Zealanders who served in the Republic of Vietnam 1963–1975. The Vietnam List is an updated version of New Zealand's original Vietnam nominal roll – the Flinkenberg List – compiled by Captain Con Flinkenberg in 1972.

Name, rank and unit information are from New Zealand military pay records.

Read more about the revised Vietnam List.

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Name First name(s) Rank Service no.
Orchard Ian Ross Mr more details
Orlowski James Arnold MPO 596208 more details
Ormond Kemp Tamuia Pte 41211 more details
Ormsby Clarence Pita Gnr 375648 more details
Ormsby Edwin Ted Pte 531193 more details
Ormsby Leonard Leo Pte 40856 more details
Ormsby Norman Harvey Pte 699562 more details
Orr John Frederick Pte 42946 more details
Orr Rodney Gary Sgt 38386 more details
Osborne Neil George Flt Lt 81456 more details
Osborne John William Riches Tpr 39443 more details
Otene Bert Mr more details
Otene Busby LCpl 41308 more details
Otene Brian Mr more details
Ottaway Richard Rodney Capt 40690 more details
Outtrim Paul Edward Fg Off 81216 more details
Owen Herbert Capt 30791 more details
Owen Peter John Pte 44143 more details
Owen-Cooper David Allan Pte 699362 more details
Oxenham Frederick William Flt Lt 78211 more details