Vietnam kahu huruhuru

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Kahu huruhuru (feather cloak) made by Vietnam veteran Rangi Fitzgerald. 

Over the years there was something missing, something we could hold, touch and feel, and actually tell a story at the same time. A tale we can relate to, as veterans of the Vietnam War. A war that brought us together as a family.

The mantle has been laid down by Vietnam veteran kaumatua and this kahu huruhuru (feather cloak) will lay on tūpāpaku (coffins) of deceased veterans when requested.

There have been some veterans and their families who have had the opportunity of wearing Te Hononga.

Te Hononga is in the care of Bunny Tumai. Others involved are Hone Heke, Mike Apiti, and Mane Tuaiti (kaitiaki-guardians); Hone Tairea (wairua tautoko); Mike Pehi, Olly Taukamo, Donny Merito, and Wihau (Tammy) Tamihana. Read more about the cloak here.


Rangi Fitzgerald

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