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Slideshow of photographs taken by Chris Stock at Nui Dat, circa 1969-1970. The photographs show W3 Company enjoying a post-operation drink (or two), and leaving South Vietnam for Singapore at the end of the their tour in November 1970.


[Picture of soldier in sunglasses] Greg Taukiri

[Picture of soldiers drinking] This is one of our 2 or 3 days times we had off – where just let our hair down and just got absolutely drunk.

You guys will know your faces.

[Picture of soldiers drinking Black Label beer] [Len] Tallentire you were there, I see Jimmy Oliver [?] next to him.

There's [Greg] Porter in the background with the glasses on being an idiot as he normally was.

Isabel [Beaumont] in uniform – a Red Cross girl again, she always visited when we were home. We called Nui Dat home.

[Picture of soldier smiling] Young fulla, [a] replacement on his first piss-up.

You could see what we got like, we just wiped ourselves off for a couple of days. But we had to be on kind of... everything's got to be packed ready to go. Before we got onto this, everything had to be cleaned up repacked ready to get on a chopper and go. It didn't matter what, how drunk we were we still had to go.

[Picture of Chris Stock] There's yours faithfully being stupid.

Jimmy Mitchell, Hally [David Hall], [Dave] Spence in the background, I think that's Wally Goodman in there somewhere.

[Picture of soldier smoking cigarette] There's Tallentire. I wonder if he still smokes.

[Picture of shirtless soldier] There's [Graham] Ryalls, my god Ryalls you haven't changed have you?

[Picture of Chris Stock holding a beer] Yours faithfully again outside the tent.

[Hohepa] Karaka and, and and and [Nigel] Clifford I think.

[Picture of soldiers on parade] This must be on the way back to Singapore. We were leaving Nui Dat, leaving Vietnam heading to Tan Son Nhut [airport] to go.

[Picture of soldier holding inflatable toy] That jungle bunny belonged to [Ngatoko] Kupe.

[Picture of Royal Australian Air Force transport plane] We're at the airport now. Ton Son Nhut. Ready to go home.

Well guys, from me to you, memoires of our time in Vietnam 1969-70. I'm glad I knew all of you. I hope you enjoy these. And my memories will be forever yours, if you wish.

Thank you boss, thank you bwana, see ya around.

Elvis has left the building.


Words and images: Chris Stock
Interviewing and production: Anaru Dalziel
Soundtrack: Jason McClelland (Loudhaler)

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